Kveikja: Social Enterprise Iceland
Samfélagsleg frumkvöðlastarfsemi á Íslandi

Kveikja is a registered NGO (félagasamstök) since July 2015. Kveikja is a member organization for social enterprises in Iceland.
Kt. 460715-0830

Our beginnings started with one of our founding board members, Tanja Wohlrab-Ryan, in 2013 when she enquired about social enterprise in Iceland after moving to Iceland. Her journey led her to Árdís Ármansdóttír (one of our board advisors), since Árdís at the time was the only person to have written a masters paper on social entrepreneurs in Iceland.

In the summer 2014, a small team of volunteers began conducting interviews and research with the aim to understand the emergence of social and environmental purpose organizations and what impact they’re creating in society. The purpose of the research was to create a definition of social enterprise in Iceland. To date, we have completed 20+ interviews and are currently compiling the paper with one our partner organizations, Wilfrid Laurier University, thanks to Professor Joanne Benham Rennick for her iniative in reaching out to assist us in this process.

Before our registration, we have been seen online and offline as Social Enterprise Iceland / samfélagsleg frumkvöðlastarfsemi á Íslandi, publishing our research interviews on www.socent.is . Our founding board members (Tanja Wohlrab-Ryan, Kormákur Arthursson and Anna Gyða Sigurgísladóttir) and other board members consist of individuals who have shown through their own iniative a contribution to the fledgling social enterprise sector in Iceland - a great achievement in its own right for such a new and pioneering "approach to business". Our advisors too, consist of individuals who have a great belief and desire to assist the social enterprise sector to grow and flourish.

Lastly we have to date and continue to achieve progress with the assistance of our volunteers and partners - they are part of our team and co-creators in the journey to educate, support and develop social enterprise in Iceland.

Mission and Vision

Kveikja: Social Enterprise Iceland / samfélagsleg frumkvöðlastarfsemi á Ísland aims to be the leading authority on social entrepreneurship in Iceland. We believe social entrepreneurs are the future wave of purpose-full individuals and organizations that will not only create value for their organizations but society at large and will transform “business as usual”.

As per our constitution our mission is to be the leading authority on social entrepreneurship in Iceland through:

1. Education: Raising awareness, promotion and education on social entrepreneurship

2. Support: Continual development of a strong framework, policies and access to resources , in order to support social entrepreneurship in Iceland

3. Development: Providing development opportunities for individuals, our members and startups in the field of social entrepreneurship.

Our big hairy audacious vision is to touch the lives of all organizations and individuals in Iceland where social enterprise is the natural and common sense choice when starting a business / organization.

socent of the baltic sea region


Dec 2017 Update: Kveikja has joined as a partner organization in the project "Improvement of the social entrepreneurship networking and educational possibilities in the Baltic Sea region"